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I Choose Smooth Campaign

In July 2020, a little more than a year after establishing its regional headquarters in Nairobi, BIC East Africa invited Millo Communications (then Harmony Ltd) to come up with an influencer campaign for social media launching one of BIC’s flagship products in the shaver category – the BIC Miss Soleil women’s shaver in Kenya. The decision to focus only on social media was due to restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 virus.

In February 2021, BIC East Africa launched ‘I Choose Smooth’. The campaign focused on messages of self-confidence and independence, targeting young Kenyan women. The nine-part campaign directed by award-winning Kenyan director Mushking, featured four leading Kenyan women including veteran icons, Wahu Kagwi and Avril Nyambura, alongside rising stars Kamene Goro and Azziad Nasenya.   After dramatically outperforming the other influencers, in the first phase of the ‘I Choose Smooth’ campaign, in January 2022, Azziad Nasenya, was unveiled as Brand Ambassador for BIC Miss Soleil in a press conference held at BIC headquarters in Nairobi and covered by almost every media platform of relevance in the country.

In the year that followed, Azziad led a social media campaign that more than doubled the previous year’s results. Azziad herself came to dance and hang out with her fans at leading shopping malls to support a powerful in-store campaign that placed life-size Azziad cortex boards in leading supermarkets. Merging ‘I Choose Smooth’ wonderfully with ‘Wembesha Na BIC’ a parallel BIC shavers campaign running on university campuses, Azziad brought the confidence talk to the students. Telling her story to young audiences on university campuses, created excellent opportunities to enjoy the ‘Azziad effect’ on media and secure more earned media coverage for BIC.


Now in its third year, ‘I Choose Smooth’ with Azziad Nasenya, continues to grow and evolve. This edition features a billboard campaign launching the new Miss Soleil Sensitive, amplified strongly on social media by Azziad and on BIC Kenya pages. In addition to the colorful social media campaign, Azziad’s public appearances representing BIC, have been well attended and covered by the media, reaching millions throughout Kenya and contributing greatly to the strengthened recognition of the BIC brand in the Blade Excellence category, and to brand love in general.

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