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Non-Solo Gelato's Kiitaliano Campaign

Millo Communications, pioneering a comprehensive approach, conceptualized and executed the entire Kiitaliano campaign, strategically positioning Non-Solo Gelato in Kenya. Taking the initiative from inception to engaging three influential comedians—Mammito, Jackie Vike, and Njugush—over a span of three months, the campaign artfully showcased various Non-Solo Gelato branches, La Piazetta Restaurant, and Non-Solo Padel in Watamu, emphasizing the brand’s delectable offerings.

Through creatively crafted videos, influencers indulged in ice cream, seamlessly transitioning to Italian, inviting viewers to participate in the Kiitaliano competition for a chance to win a year’s worth of free ice cream. Beyond orchestrating influencer deliverables, Millo Communications orchestrated a monthly competition, actively engaging the audience and solidifying Non-Solo Gelato’s status as a prominent and memorable brand in the Kenyan market.

This comprehensive and innovative strategy, initiated from scratch, successfully addressed the challenge of exposing an unknown brand, weaving humor, influencer marketing, and creative campaigns to leave a lasting impact on brand perception and audience engagement.

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